Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Lost Suitcase & A Game

a: Hello dear,

I wanted to share with you this poem (attached) I read in the New Yorker. It's been a while I got so worked up and excited about a poem, but this one is lovely! Solidly constructed, but utterly lovely. I hope you like it! I think I will check out one of her books from the library; I've been on a library spree! Yiiii!!!!

Alright dear, I hope you have a good end of the week. And don't worry about writing; I still remember how insanely busy grad school was.

k: I have been having a great weekend so far. Before I get into that though… yes, I did enjoy that poem you sent from the New Yorker. I enjoyed it for its narrative, though the language didn't do anything for me; similar to most New Yorker poetry.

This weekend included a sort of birthday book swap. I ended up giving Dina my copy of Leonard Cohen's Book or Longing for her birthday next week then Bunny gave me this book by an Italian author called If on a winter's night a traveler as a birthday present for my birthday next month. Bunny and I went to a bookstore together this morning with ryan, adam and reed and ended up each buying another copy of the books we'd passed on as gifts ^_^ it was fun. So I still have Leonard Cohen's new poems.

As for poetry… aside from the book swap, I haven't really been rolling in it, you know? I'd like to put a post up on poetship some time this week and I'll bring up more poetry topics shortly. Perhaps tomorrow in fact. I actually have a poetry kind of question… this might spur some thought and musing…

Imagine you were going to teach a college level course on poetry… what genre would you teach and which poets would you chose to have your imaginary students read? This is just for fun of course, but I think I know what I'd teach, at least the genre, though I'm not sure of the poets exactly… and say you can probably select about 5 or 6 poets to teach. Make a reading list for your pretend course ^_^

Ryan wants to watch one of the films he bought… so I'm going to end this here. I'll start thinking about which poets I would teach and I'll send you my answers once I get yours.