Friday, January 20, 2006

on "i write"

katy:gets me good but in a "ouch" kind of way like... that hits the heart with a heavy blow ... it's like the first time the right person tells you "i love you"

a:Gets you good, or gets you bad? My brother hates that "Listen" (perhaps because he's more cognizant of its origin in Dalida songs).

And why would need to excuse you for finding it sexy? I think in many parts it is, and I think sexy is good. So thank you!
a s h . r a f

katy:i'm sorry that i forgot to reply to the poem as well as the email...

i've read this piece before, though i don't remember having read the subtleties in grey. and as before, there wasn't so much i could say about it, probably why i didn't leave a comment.

I write and you shall read,
because you have a choice.
I write and you shall read,
because you have none.
You are spellbound,
and I am falling from grace

this stanza sums it up for me. i am reading because i have a choice, i am reading because i have none, i am spellbound.

and you'll excuse me for thinking this poem is very sexy.

the "listen" at the end gets me.

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